Прабабушка мужа королевы Англии. Great-grandmother of the husband of the Queen of England.

Пятая дочь Саксен-Альтенбургского герцога Александра стала женой великого князя Константин Николаевича, сына императора Николая I.

В 1847-м она оказалась в Петербурге.
In the summer of 1846, she met Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich of Russia when he visited Altenburg. He was the second son of Nicholas I, Emperor of Russia, and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, née Princess Charlotte of Prussia.
Alexandra arrived in Russia on 12 October 1847, and was greeted by much fanfare and popular celebration, with jubilant crowds lining the streets and balconies. It was said that Alexandra looked so much like her fiance’s sister, the Grand Duchess Alexandra Nikolayevna, who died in childbirth, that her prospective mother-in-law burst into tears at their first meeting.

В феврале день 1848 дочь герцога приняла православие, и стала именоваться Александрой Иосифовной.
Венчание состоялось 30 августа 1848 года, молодые стали жить во Мраморном дворце.

Alexandra and Konstantin were married in The Winter Palace in St Petersburg, on 11 September 1848. Konstantin received the Marble Palace in St Petersburg as a wedding gift from his parents. Strelna on the Gulf of Finland, which Konstantin inherited when aged four, was the wedded couple’s country retreat. The lively Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna took a particular interest in the grounds at Strelna, establishing a free school of gardening, where she taught classes herself. There were also educational toys for the children: a wooden mast and trampoline for gymnastics, and the transplanted cabin of one of Konstantin’s frigates.

Александра создала Столичный совет детских приютов, лично помогала устраивать судьбы бедных сирот, жертвовала собственные средства и находила меценатов.
Александра Иосифовна – автор нескольких маршей и других произведений.

Умерла Александра Иосифовна 23 июня 1911 года.

Дочь Александры и Константина Ольга, стала королевой Греции, и была бабушкой герцога Филиппа Эдинбургского, мужа английской королевы Елизаветы II.
Olga Constantinovna was Queen consort of the Hellenes as the wife of King George I. She was briefly the regent of Greece in 1920.

Phillip is a distant cousin to the British Monarch and was born in Greece into the royal families of Greece and Denmark. His family was exiled from the country while he was only an infant and he had joined the British Royal Navy. In 1934, the Queen Mother and her husband were touring the Naval College in Dartmouth and Phillip was asked to escort the two daughters of the Queen Mother.

Elizabeth fell in love with her then escort and they began exchanging letters when she was thirteen. Their relationship lasted for several years until Phillip asked for her hands in marriage in 1947. George had been a bit cautious all along, not wanting his daughter to be with him because he was her first love but because she truly loved him. King George later agreed provided all formal engagements were delayed until the heiress presumptive was 21.

The boisterous and outspoken Phillip returned from war, renounced his royal title and adopted the surname Mountbatten from his maternal side. He became a British citizen and shortly before their wedding was named the Duke of Edinburgh. Both kingly lovers were married and had the privilege of enjoying a life off the throne for a couple of years until King George VI died and his daughter who was in Kenya at the time had to return home and fill the vacant royal position. Mountbatten had to leave active military service after his wife became the Queen in 1952 having reached the rank of Commander.

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